Program Terms

Index Masterclass Program Terms

    June 28, 2024
  1. Service Provider Crosshill Global Solutions LLC (hereinafter - Service Provider), reg. no. 45403058991, legal and actual address Rupniecibas Street 5-14, Riga, LV-1010, Latvia, e-mail, tel. +371 28 812 712, provides its clients access to a paid Service - the program titled "The Index Masterclass" (hereinafter - the Program). Paid Program participants hereinafter are referred to as Users or Program Participants.
  3. The Program includes access to educational videos and other educational materials as described on the Program Payment page (access to these materials ir provided gradually over a period of several weeks). Depending on the User's membership level, the Program may also include other benefits as stated on the Program Payment page.
  5. Membership fees provide access to the Program for one User and persons living in the same household with the User. You can find out about volume discounts for companies and groups of participants by writing to
    • Sharing access details to the Program with other individuals or companies is not permitted. If it is established that the User of the Program has shared access details with third parties, the Service Provider will immediately terminate the provision of Services to the User without refunding the amount paid for the Services, and consider recovering direct losses from the User.
  7. The program includes different levels of participation with different membership fees. The details of the participation level are described on the Payment page for the participation level. The benefits associated with any membership level are fixed at the time of purchase. Should these Program Terms change or should the benefit description on the Purchase Page change, this only affects future Program members and does not affect members who have previously made a purchase. Program members can obtain a copy of the Program Terms which apply to their membership as well as detailed information regarding their membership benefits by writing to
  1. The program is intended for educational purposes only. Neither educational materials, nor educational support, nor any other components of the Program are meant to provide individual financial advice, investment recommendations, or tax advice. Under no circumstances shall the Service Provider provide individual recommendations to Users on where, when and how to invest.
    • Users are informed that investing involves the risk of loss. All responsibility for specific investment or tax decisions rests with Users themselves.
    • The Service Provider has developed the Program based on the best information available to the Service Provider, and the content of the Program has been developed by experienced investment professionals. As an educational service provider, the Service Provider makes no warranties of any kind regarding the accuracy, completeness or reliability of the information, materials or tools contained in the Program and assumes no responsibility for decisions made based on the Program content, including any liability for damages the User may suffer based on the content of the Program.
    • Any projections of potential future market developments or results included in the Program are only conjectures about possible development scenarios that may not materialize. Any reference to past results should not be used as a basis for assuming similar results in the future.
    • The spreadsheet templates included in the program are not professional investment software - they are only educational templates that help the User to better understand investment and financial issues. Therefore, Users should not rely exclusively on the spreadsheet templates when making investment and financial decisions but should double check all calculations and data.
    • Service Provider is not a tax consultancy or accounting firm. The Program does not include tax advice. Where tax matters are discussed as part of the Program, we provide only educational briefings on tax considerations around investing. Program members are advised to consult their accountant or tax advisor before making final decisions with respect to taxes. The country-level tax briefings available as an additional purchase as part of the Program are educational, incomplete, and may not be fully up-to-date or accurate in some cases. They are meant as a starting point to help Program members do their own research.
    • The Service Provider makes no warranties of any kind regarding the benefit, reliability or safety of the brokerages reviewed within the Program.
    • The inclusion of specific investment products in the Programme's educational selections, sample portfolios, shortlists or other materials is not an individual investment recommendation and does not imply that these investment products are appropriate for the User's individual situation. The Service Provider makes no warranties about the quality, safety or future results of the investment products included in any Program materials.
  1. Participation in forums, calls, video calls, and / or face-to-face events organized within the auspices of the Program will be carefully moderated. Users must adhere to standards of etiquette and ethics. Advertising of commercial services to other users of the Program will not be permitted.
  3. The educational support which can be purchased by members of the Program is intended for the personal needs of one User - student of long-term investing. No support will be provided for students of active short-term trading in securities. Support is available in reasonable amounts and excessive numbers of requests may be denied. The Service Provider cannot guarantee that support will be provided by the specific instructor preferred by the User.

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