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  • Learn to invest with confidence, no matter where you live in Europe

  • Suitable for locals, expats and nomads

  • Find the best ETFs and index funds for your goals and country

  • Choose a safe, low-cost brokerage

  • Save time with checklists, templates & more

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Training suitable for European locals, expats and nomads who move between countries.

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You'll discover 3 Principles Of Successful European ETF Investors:

  • Which investments do rich people choose to protect and grow their wealth? And how can you do the same?

  • How can a surprisingly simple strategy recommended by Nobel prize winners make investing truly easy for you?

  • How do you choose a brokerage, build your ETF portfolio, and invest successfully if you live in Europe, not America?

Tom Crosshill

Founder of The Index Masterclass. Investment trainer with Wall Street experience. Co-founder of investment company INDEXO.

Join me at The Index Masterclass webinar, and I'll show you how you too can invest effectively and easily using index funds and ETFs — no matter where you live in Europe!

See what our program members are saying:

Egija Gailuma | Entrepreneur (Latvia)

"I have a degree in finance so the theoretical parts of the masterclass were not new to me. But the class provided an excellent guide to the practical process of investing – choosing a brokerage, figuring out taxes, buying funds. After finishing the program I'm finally ready to put my theoretical knowledge into practice."

Gabriel Y. W. Zhang | Analytics manager, Wayfair (Germany)

"The Index Masterclass gave me the confidence I needed after years of apathy towards investing. Within a few weeks, I designed my first ETF portfolio and personally invested a significant amount of money. I rarely commend any service in such glowing fashion, but I truly feel that the Index Masterclass could be a life-changer for beginner investors."

Haresh Chulani | Electronical engineer (Spain)

"The program not only taught me about ETFs, but gave me a good view of the big picture of passive investing. I learned how to build my investment strategy from beginning to end. It has been a positive surprise because now I feel I have a solid background when making my investment decisions."

Rolands Mesters | Co-Founder at Nordigen

"I wanted to invest in ETFs, but wasn't sure how to choose from the thousands of funds and many different brokerages out there – or how to deal with taxes. The Index Masterclass saved me enormous effort (and money likely spent on trial and error)."

Anna | Technical Product Owner, BOSCH

"A friend told me — just buy one ETF every month and you're good. But how can you trust your financial future to something you don’t fully understand? After completing Tom's program, I finally know what I'm doing. I’m proud of myself because I’m investing in my future!"

Paolo Gatto | Mathematician and SW Developer at EMTensor GmbH (Austria)

"Rather than just investment advice, the Index Masterclass gives you something much more valuable: it teaches you how to make rational choices to invest for your future. The class is not cheap, but it is much cheaper than bad advice!"

Peter Bodnieks | CTO

“The Index Masterclass solved a challenge that I had for almost 5 years. I wanted to invest my free money without spending a lot of time doing it. With this Masterclass, I finally learned how to invest responsibly and passively."

Valerij Barishev | ESELO LLC Managing director

"I estimate it would have taken me 2-3 years to find all this information by myself. "

Kristap Skapars | Colliers International Deputy director

"I really appreciated all the practical tools [...]. Everything you need to take action as quickly as possible!"

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