At This Webinar

You'll discover The 3 Secrets Of Successful European ETF Investors:

  • Secret #1

    Which investments do rich people choose to protect and grow their wealth? And how can you do the same?

  • Secret #2

    How can a surprisingly simple strategy recommended by Nobel prize winners make investing truly easy for you?

  • Secret #3

    How do you choose a brokerage, build your ETF portfolio, and invest successfully if you live in Europe, not America?

The Index Masterclass

Premium investment training for busy Europeans.

This free webinar is the first major module in our premium training program The Index Masterclass which teaches Europeans how to go from zero to invested in just a few weeks!

What our members are saying:

Egija Gailuma | Entrepreneur (Latvia)

"I have a degree in finance so the theoretical parts of the masterclass were not new to me. But the class provided an excellent guide to the practical process of investing – choosing a brokerage, figuring out taxes, buying funds. After finishing the program I'm finally ready to put my theoretical knowledge into practice."

Gabriel Y. W. Zhang | Analytics manager, Wayfair (Germany)

"The Index Masterclass gave me the confidence I needed after years of apathy towards investing. Within a few weeks, I designed my first ETF portfolio and personally invested a significant amount of money. I rarely commend any service in such glowing fashion, but I truly feel that the Index Masterclass could be a life-changer for beginner investors."

Haresh Chulani | Electronical engineer (Spain)

"The program not only taught me about ETFs, but gave me a good view of the big picture of passive investing. I learned how to build my investment strategy from beginning to end. It has been a positive surprise because now I feel I have a solid background when making my investment decisions."

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